CO.ZA Legacy vs CO.ZA EPP – Redemption Policy

By September 30, 2013New Features

The new CO.ZA EPP brings with it an array of arsenal which help domain administrators manage their domains, there are a few rules which affect domain renewals and and advise that those who are new to EPP read up a little.

Prior to the 1st March 2013 Uniforum SA allowed renewed domains to remain active up until renewal count 5 on the legacy system. This created its own monster as it allowed for domain registrars to register and renew domains without effectively paying these fees for months.

The new CO.ZA EPP has eradicated this by ensuring that domains which aren’t renewed or payed for on the date of renewal are removed from the world wide web.

Those who tend to wait days after the domain has expired before renewing are in for surprises – suspensions and the introduction of redemption fees.

Tip for the day is to get your clients to pay ahead of their renewals and save yourself having to explain why they now need to pay roughly four times more than what they would have if they had renewed their domains on time.