Domain Reseller South Africa

By August 29, 2014Domain Reseller

Domain Reseller South Africa

The ZA Domains White Label Domain Reseller Control Panel provides you with all the necessary tools required to register domain names, domain names, domain names and domain names at super low affordable prices. Our White Label Domain Reseller Control Panel has been specifically designed to provide Domain Resellers with all the features required to register a,, & domain names, transfer a,, and domain names and renew a,, & domain via the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) EPP System without any custom development or upfront fees.

Our Domain Reseller program provides you with the following standard features

  • A White-Label Domain Reseller Solution which does not expose your clients to any potential competing products or services, such as domain registration or web site hosting.
  • Affordable,, & Domain Registration via an Accredited Registrar.
  • No upfront fees or initiation setup fees required.
  • No monthly service fees.
  • Free WHMCS EPP Module, WHMCS EPP Module, WHMCS EPP Module & WHMCS Registrar and Domain Reseller Module.
  • Comprehensive API which provides you with integration support from any third party application.
  • Dual Factor Authentication via SMS based One Time Pin (OTP)
  • API IP Lock-down to prevent any unauthorised access to your ZA Domains Account.
  • Automatic Top-up feature to ensure that your account always has sufficient funds to renew and register domain names.
  • Secure Credit Card Payment Facilities.
  • Free Integrated Premium DNS Management System – Use our cloud based globally distributed DNS Servers for any of your domain names at no additional cost.

As a ZA Domains Domain Reseller you enjoy all the benefits of,, & Domain Management via the EPP System without any of the technical accreditation requirements, nor any understand of the ZA Central Registry EPP System. We take all the fuss out of EPP and deliver it into a streamlined, scalable and enterprise driven Domain Management Control Panel.

Our Cloud Based DNS Service allows you to host your domain name’s dns with us and manage your zone records from within our Domain Reseller Control Panel. Our cloud based dns servers are distributed across 4 data centers to ensure maximum uptime and complete redundancy.

ZA Domains supports domain registration for domain names, domain names, domain names, domain names, .durban domain names, .capetown domain names, .joburg domain names – where the registration of the domain falls within general availability (GA).