.joburg .capetown & .durban available for pre-registration

By July 4, 2014Home, Notices

We are proud to announce that pre-registration for Landrush and Sunrise applications for the new dotCities is live on ZA Domains.

.joburg .capetown & .durban available for pre-registration

Sunrise Applications
dotCities sunrise registrations are for a 3 year registration period and require a valid SMD token.
SMD files can be obtained via the Mark Validation System or Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and are subject to ZACR’s Launch Policies

Landrush Applications
Landrush registrations are for a 1 year registration period and are subject to ZACR’s Launch Policies. Should your application be unsuccessful, or more than one Landrush Application is made in respect of the same domain name string, all the Applicants will be invited to bid for the domain name in accordance with the Auction Policy. In the event that you are not successfully awarded your desired domain name your ZADomains account will be credited with the cart amount.

Countdown to Delegation and Launch: dotCities (.joburg) (.capetown) (.durban)
The delegation of the three South African city TLDs has been finalised and the date approved for the start of Sunrise and Landrush is 1 July 2014. A status report on the current delegation and launch processes is available at https://www.registry.net.za/launch/