New features added to our EPP CO.ZA Domain Control Panel

By November 30, 2015New Features

We’re constantly finding new ways to improve on the services that we offer and this is why there are new features added to our EPP CO.ZA Domain Control Panel .

ZA Domains Control Panel ScreenshotWe have added a support feature which will auto detect the status of your domain name at the time of adding it to your cart; whether it be a domain registration or domain transfer. The new feature now checks the availability of your domain at the time of adding it to the CO.ZA Domain Management Control Panel and if you are trying to register a new domain name and the domain already exists we’ll then add the order as a transfer.

The same applies to a domain transfer which is added to cart where the domain is not registered – we’ll convert the transfer into a domain registration.

Our White Label Domain Management Control panel is constantly updated to include new features and bug fixes which make your experience of Domain name management that much simpler.

We take pride in providing our clients with a feature rich domain management service and are constantly looking for ways to improve. If you have any suggestions or feature requests then get in touch so that we can discuss these and implement them.

To see a list of features available on our White Label Domain Management Control panel, visit our Domain Reseller Features page