Summer in your city specials #ProxyFeesMustFall

By November 7, 2016Home
Summer in your city Sale

Summer in your city specials have started today, w00t w00t

Register a new Joburg – Capetown or Durban domain name for the same price as a Co.Za Domain for R99.00 when using our dotCities promo codes.

Improve your SEO results by registering a dotCities domain name that contains your geographic location and makes it easier for your clients to find your website based on their search location and search criteria.

dot-durbanDurban Domains – Summer in your city

Living in the land of pimped tazz’s, furry dashboards and spinners? Promote your business and brag about how you make the best curry in Durban and register

dot-capetownCapetown Domains – Summer in your city

Living in slaapstad near that dreadful mountain and freezing water which is infested with great whites? Promote your business and brag about how your corner cafe makes the best gatsby and register 

dot-joburgJoburg Domains – Summer in your city

Living in the place of gold? Right…..then why not promote your security company by registering considering that you’ve survived another day in one of the most dangerous cities in the world.


All Jokes Aside

We would have loved to have sold the dotCities domain names for the same price as a Co.Za but despite multiple requests to have the Registry review its “Proxy Fee” it is simply not possible for us to do so. ZACR released multiple press statements in which it stated that registering a dotCities domain would cost the same as a Co.Za….

We did the math, and in order for us to sell these dotCities domain names which cost us R96.90 we would need to start washing dishes at that curry spot in durbs in order to pay the bills.

ZACR charges its “Proxy Registrars” (a fancy name for reseller) an exorbitant /extortion “proxy fee” over and above the initial cost of the of the domain registration, whereas a few other preferred fancy nancy ICANN registrars pay 47% less than this for the same domain name. You can read more about this on our blog post about the ongoing fight with the Registry to reduce or waiver the rediculous Proxy Fee

#ProxyFeesMustFall – Just sayin’