We are turning the Domain Reseller Business Upside Down

By October 19, 2015Home

The South African Domain Reseller business has over the last few years been dominated by a handful of providers who provide domain reseller solutions, and even less for the amount of true White Label Domain Reseller Providers.White Label Multi Reseller Domain Management Control Panel

We are turning the Domain Reseller Business Upside Down with the release of our Multi Reseller Control Panel Feature.

The Multi Reseller feature allows Domain Registrars to enter into the same playing fields as ZA Domains and compete head to head within the Domain Reseller Market, and perhaps one or two other providers. In business, competition is vital and it is this the primary reason that ZA Domains was developed – to offer competitive and attractive SAAS Domain Management Services for the South African Market.

To date we have conquered, no wait, dominated the reseller market and aim to allow other ZACR Registrars to do the same.

Our Registrar client base has greatly increased over the last two years which can be expected as a new provider within a select audience. Now more than ever, it pays to use our White Label Domain Management Control Panel to manage your CO.ZA Domains, WEB.ZA Domains, ORG.ZA Domains and NET.ZA Domains.

The ZA Domains White Label Control Panel has seen three phases of development and has included many features which were requested by our clients, and is under constant development and improvement.

We are the only true White Label Domain Management provider in the country. Domain Registrars and Domain Resellers can now customize the experience provided to their clients by branding the control panel with their own URL’s, Company Logos and Brand Name. To date no other provider offers these features, though we expect that a few will follow suit within the near future.

Imagine a world where smaller web host providers, ISP’s, website developers, Domain Resellers and Domain registrars have the ability to offer white label domain reseller services to other providers within the market – a true multi tiered reseller control panel.

Get involved and take part in laying the foundations within the Beta testing  program and get a first glimpse of the future of the domain reseller business in South Africa.