WHMCS CO.ZA EPP Module 1.6 Released

By October 17, 2013Home

We have updated the ZA Domains WHMCS CO.ZA EPP Module to version 1.6.
The updated version includes features to accommodate discount coupons which will be used for future promotions.

Download WHMCS Module v1.6

Kindly update your WHMCS module to version 1.6 as soon as possible. To obtain the latest version please log in to the ZA Domains Web Site, Select My Account > WHMCS Module. Download the latest version of our WHMCS Module and over write your existing version with the latest.
Installation instructions are located on the download page

Alternatively you can download the latest version from the WHMCS.com Addon Repository which can be found here https://www.whmcs.com/appstore/1074/Uniforum-COZA-EPP-Domain-Module.html