WHMCS SSL Module Update

By November 1, 2016Home

WHMCS SSL Module Update!

Since the launch of our SSL Reseller Program in May 2016 we have seen an incredible amount of sales pushed through our White Label Multi Registrar & Reseller Control Panel, and this is without doubt due to the affordable pricing and easy to use Control Panel that facilities SSL Purchases from one centralized Control Panel.

We are confident in saying that we are currently the cheapest RapidSSL Provider and Comodo PositiveSSL provider within South Africa given the current RapidSSL Coupons on offer.

After the launch of the SSL Reseller Program we received a massive amount of requests from our clients as to the status of an updated WHMCS Module to include support for SSL Reselling.

The good news is that we have completed the development of our new SSL API which is required in order to allow for greater integration in respect to the handling of SSL orders.

We are now focusing our attention on the completion of a beta WHMCS SSL module, and hope to have this beta version released within the next few weeks.

We wish to thank all of our clients for their continued support, patience and enthusiasm regarding the SSL Reseller Program, and overall support for the service, and products that we provide to you.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas then please reach out to us as we are always keen to assist and implement new features and services that will ultimately compliment your existing services provided.