ZACR gTLD OT&E Accreditation

By December 3, 2015Home

ZA Central Registry (ZACR) Proxy RegistrarZA Central Registry (ZACR) Accredited Registrars that have obtained gTLD OT&E are permitted to participate in  the new gTLD General Availability Phase if they make use of the Proxy Registrar solution. ZA Domains provides ZACR gTLD OT&E Accreditation to its Registrar clients at no additional fee and the process takes under and hour to complete.

The on boarding process involves the following steps on behalf of the Registrar

ZA Domains ZACR Registrar clients need only Agree to the Terms for the ZA Proxy Service, Reseller Agreement and ZA Proxy Service Reseller Memorandum. We perform the following which are required to complete your gTLD Accreditation

  • gTLD Accreditation commands
  • Certificate generation, installation and supply to ZA Central Registry
  • Providing the source network ranges permitted to connect to the live gTLD servers
  • Submission of your Accreditation request to ZACR legal department.
  • ZA Central Registry liaison services regarding the accreditation application and approval.
  • Binding of live gTLD EPP Credentials.

Once completed the ZACR Registrar will be able to register, renew and transfer .durban, .capetown and .joburg domain names directly from ZACR.

Contact us for more information regarding the ZACR gTLD OT&E Accreditation Service