ZA Domains Domain Registrar Services

The ZA Domains Domain Registrar Platform is a Multi-Registrar Domain Management Control Panel that provides ZACR Accredited Domain Registrars with integration into ZA Central Registries (ZACR) EPP Platform without any custom development, software installation or setup fees.

ZACR APPROVED REGISTRAR PANELCo.Za – Web.Za – Org.Za – Net.Za domains from one centralized and streamlined control panel.

Registrars who use ZA Domains to integrate into ZACR’s EPP systems benefit by being able to manage their Domain names via our Multi Registrar White Label Control Panel, WHMCS Module or extensive API without any knowledge of the EPP system or custom development.

ZA Domains provides Accreditation Services for new and existing Registrars. We assist you with all of your ZACR Registrar Accreditation requirements allowing you to register any of the domain names provided by ZACR.

We can assist you with your Registrar requirements no matter if you are an existing Registrar who is looking to migrate to ZA Domains or if you are a Pending Registrar who is yet to complete the technical Accreditation. We have automated the Registrar migration process which will allow you to effortlessly move your registrar account from any other EPP Provider. The automated process takes less than 1 business day to complete and import all of your domain names, registrant details and name server information related to each domain name.

Get ZACR Accredited

  • 100% Success Rate
  • 2 hour turn around time
  • Registry accreditation for all ZACR Domains

Automate your Domain Management

  • ZACR compliant business automation platform
  • Customizable & Brandable Control Panel
  • Robust and powerful HTTP API available
  • WHMCS Module Available

Automated Registrar Migration Tool

  • Seamlessly migrate your Registrar services from any provider
  • Import all of your domain names within 30 minutes
  • Retain your Accreditation Status

Pricing effective 1 March 2022

0 - 30 Domains




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31 - 1000 Domains




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1001 Domains to ∞




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ZACR Registrar Services Overview

Domain Registrar’s pay ZA Central Registry for all domain registrations and renewals, and pay ZA Domains a small monthly fee based on the number of domain names active on your Registrar account.

The ZA Domains Accreditation services ensure that your Registrar account is able to register and manage any of the domains offered by ZACR. We have assisted over 150 Registrars with their accreditation and continuously assist additional Registrars with ZACR Accreditation for the Co.Za, Org.Za, Net.Za Web.Za  Name Spaces.

Managed EPP Services

By utilizing ZA Domains as your ZACR EPP Provider you allow yourself more time to focus on what really matters, and less time playing catch up with third-party scripts, managing a developer or relying on community support to resolve an issue with your EPP systems.

ZA Domains manages every aspect of your ZACR EPP account and act as a Registry liaison on your behalf. Some of the benefits that you can expect from us include Registry EPP Certificate Management and ZACR Accreditation for new & existing domain types.

Years of development and consultation with ZACR have put us at the forefront of EPP Solutions and provides us with fair advantage.


The ZA Domains WHMCS Module connects from your whmcs installation to our Registrar Services and uses your Registrar Account to securely interact with ZACR’s EPP system. The WHMCS plugin handles all of your domain registration and transfer commands and facilitates seamless integration between your WHMCS installation and your Registrar Account.

Co.Za WHMCS Module Available on the WHMCS MarketplaceOur WHMCS Module is constantly updated to ensure that it seamlessly integrates into ZACR’s EPP system without any issues or custom hacks. Unlike other Co.Za EPP WHMCS plugins which require tedious setup and tweaking to work, our WHMCS module works out the box.

All WHMCS calls are handled by our services and the EPP commands are sent on to ZACR’s EPP and their responses processed by our systems. Constant changes and updates made on the EPP platform are handled by our services and this results in less provisioning of WHMCS module updates and more uptime.

The end result is continuity of service with the least amount of disruption and the ability for you to focus on your business and let us handle your EPP requirements.

Supported Domain Names

  • Co.Za Domain Names
  • Org.Za Domain Names
  • Web.Za Domain Names
  • Net.Za Domain Names
  • Joburg Domain Names
  • Capetown Domain Names
  • Durban Domain Names
  • Africa Domain Names (Subject to ICANN)
  • Com Domain Names
  • Org Domain Names
  • Co.Uk Domain Names
  • Co Domains
  • Cloud Domains
  • Club Domains
  • .Domains Domain Names
  • Me Domain Names
  • io Domains
  • Email Domain Names
  • Tv Domains
  • Us Domains
  • De Domain Names
  • Nl Domains
  • Tech Domain Names
  • host Domains
  • Hosting Domains
  • Site Domain Names
  • Online Domains
  • Website Domains

Sub-Reseller Features

  • Fully customizable and branded control panel
  • Allow your resellers to manage their own reseller domains
  • Access the control panel via your own vanity URL
  • 101% White Label Domain Management
  • 3 Supported Payment Gateway Providers
  • Manage Reseller Domain Costs

SSL Reseller Program

  • South Africa’s #1 lowest cost SSL Reseller
  • Enterprise SSL Management Control Panel
  • Sell RapidSSL Certificates
  • Sell Comodo SSL Certificates
  • Sell GeoTrust SSL Certificates
  • Sell Symantec SSL Certificates
  • Sell Thawte SSL Certificates

Multi-Registrar Control Panel Features


Our CO.ZA EPP WHMCS Module easily integrates into your ZA Domains Reseller account and allows you to register and transfer domains from within your own WHMCS installation.

110% White-label

ZA Domains is the only true White-label Domain Management solution available to domain Resellers. White-label means your clients will never see competing products or services published on our web site.

Sub Reseller Accounts

Create sub reseller accounts below your account and allow your resellers access to your own branded control panel.

White-label Customization

Brand the control panel with your company logo and company details.
Use your own URL to access the control panel.

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SSL Certificate Reseller

Resell and manage your SSL certificates via our enterprise ssl certificate management control panel.

Buy and renew RapidSSL – Comodo SSL – Thawte SSL – GeoTrust SSL – Symantec SSL

ZACR Proxy EPP Approved

Manage and sell all ZACR dotCities Domains via our Multi Registrar Control Panel.

Transfer, register and renew Joburg Domains – Capetown Domains – Durban Domains – Africa Domains (Subject to ICANN) via your own Registrar account.

ZACR Accreditation

ZA Domains will complete your technical accreditation for Co.Za Domains – Web.Za Domains – Org.Za Domains – Net.Za Domains at minimal cost.

Sell All Popular TLD’s

Register, transfer and renew your .com domains – .net domains – via our Multi Registrar Domain Management Control Panel.

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API Access

Programmatically integrate your web site or existing customer billing / domain name management with the ZA Domains Control Panel to provide automated domain name management.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accept payments from your clients using one of three of South Africa’s most trusted payment gateway providers.

PayFast Credit Card and Instant EFT, MyGate Credit Card and Instant EFT, SagePay (Netcash Credit Cards)

Live Notifications

Receive up to the minute notifications about all activity on your account, including transfer requests, successful and failed transfers, low balance alerts and many more.

Free Cloud DNS

Take advantage of our integrated My Cloud DNS Service. A premium Cloud based DNS Service with name servers situated within 4 locations for maximum redundancy and fail over.

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Automatic Top Up

Have piece of mind by knowing that your account will never run into a low balance or have insufficient funds to process domain registrations and renewals with our automatic low balance top up feature.

API Lockdown

Add an additional level of security to your account by only granting secure access to your API from trusted IP addresses.

Two Factor Authentication

Add an additional layer of security to your account by enabling Two Factory Authentication via SMS.
Two Factor Authentication generates a unique One Time Pin for each authenticated session.

2048 bit SSL Encryption

Access the Control Panel using industry standard 2048 bit encryption to ensure that all communication is secure and free of man in the middle attacks or eves dropping.

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Simple Migration from other providers

Easily migrate your Domain Reseller services by utilizing one of the many bulk import tools available within the Control Panel.

Bulk Import and Export Tools

Import and export your Domain names along with renewal status, associated Registrant and DNS Services using one of the many bulk tools available from within the Control Panel.

Multiple User Accounts

Create user accounts linked to your account and grant staff and colleagues access to manage domain management, accounts and so much more.

Auto Renew

Set your domain renewal status to auto renew to ensure that your domain names automatically renew on their annual renewal date.

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