Comodo Positive SSL Certificate Overview

Positive SSL Features

Comodo Positive SSL Certificates are ZA Domains’ best selling SSL certificates and with good reason considering that we charge only R185.00 Per SSL Certificate Per Year.

Positive SSL certificates are domain validated SSL Certificates which are issued within minutes of ordering and include unlimited SSL Certificate reissues.

Positive SSL supports up to 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL encryption that is supported by 99.9% of browsers.

Install your Positive SSL on an unlimited amount of servers at no additional cost.

  • Domain validated certificate
  • 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
  • Trusted by all popular Browsers
  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • 30 day Refund Policy
  • $10,000 relying party warranty
  • Email and web support
  • Starting at only R185.00 per year
  • Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy
  • Unlimited server licenses

Comodo Positive SSL

10 Reasons to buy your Comodo Positive SSL Certificates from ZA Domains

ZA Domains actively engages with its suppliers to ensure that it is able to provide Comodo Positive SSL certificates at the lowest price.

ZA Domains prides itself in providing Premium support to its SSL Certificate Resellers.

Contact support via email, live chat, telephone or twitter!

Be assured that in the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, the Certificate Authority provides you with a 30 day Refund Policy

Purchase your reseller certificates via secure payment methods.

ZA Domains facilitates payment via PayFast, or automatic top up feature allowing you to store your credit card info on Nedbank’s servers

ZA Domains provides it’s SSL Certificate Resellers with an easy to use enterprise enabled SSL Domain Reseller Portal.

Buy and sell your Comodo Positive SSL Certificates from ZA Domains

ZA Domains provides it’s SSL Certificate Resellers with a SSL Certificate portal that is 100% White Label

White label means no competing products on the vendors page

Seamlessly integrate your custom CRM system or billing system with our SSL Certificate Reseller API.

ZA Domains provides it’s SSL Certificate Resellers with a larger variety of SSL Certificate brands than our competitors.

The ZA Domains control panel uses a Extended Validation Certificate with 2048 bit encryption to ensure your interaction with our systems are fully encrypted.

ZA Domains provides itself providing continuous updates and new features to our Reseller platform. When we say coming soon we mean it will be soon.