MyDnsCloud Overview

ZA Domains provides its Domain Resellers with a Premium DNS Service integrated into the ZA Domains Control Panel.
The MyDnsCloud Premium DNS Service provides domain resellers with access to a Premium DNS Service at no cost to facilitate dns management for their reseller domains.

MyDnsCloud PreviewMyDnsCloud is conveniently integrated into the ZA Domains control panel to provide domain resellers with ease to use dns management tools within one centralised and streamlined control panel, providing domain resellers with more than a simple domain management control panel but a suite of easy to use domain related services.

MyDnsCloud provides many easy access for filtering and sorting dns hosted domains and includes features such as Rebuild DNS Zone Data, Suspension of DNS Zones and Resuming of DNS Zones.

Migration of DNS data from other platforms is facilitated via bulk import and export tools to assist with migration of your reseller domains over to the MyDnsCloud DNS Service

MyDnsCloud DNS Zone Management

A Records

Create and manage A records for your Reseller Domains DNS Zone


Create and manage CNAME Records for your Reseller Domains DNS Zone

MX Records

Create and manage unlimited MX records for your Reseller Domains Zone Data

SRV Records

Create and manage unlimited SRV records which are frequently required by services such as Microsoft 365

TXT Records

Create and manage TXT Records for your Reseller Domains DNS Zone, typically required for SPF records and domain ownership verification

TTL mgmt

Manage the Time to live (TTL) for individual record types according to your requirements.

MyDnsCloud Redundancy Features

MyDnsCloud consists of 4 redundant cloud based name servers setup within multiple data centers to ensure maximum availability and uptime. Zone file changes are retained for up to 25 zone changes in the event that zone data is incorrectly updated or deleted, and provides mechanism of comparing changes for auditing purposes.

The MyDnsCloud zone files are backed up twice daily and backup data synchronized between 3 offsite backup servers to ensure that your zone file data is available in the event of a catastrophic failure.

MyDnsCloud Cloud Server Locations