Overview of the WHMCS Domain Reseller Module for Co.Za Domains

ZA Domains WHMCS Registrar Module for Co.Za DomainsZA Domains has developed a WHMCS Reseller Module for it’s domain resellers which facilitates management of Co.Za Domain Registrations, transfers and renewals, Org.Za Domain Registrations, transfers and renewals and many of the additional domain extensions supported by ZA Domains.

Our latest version of the ZA Domains WHMCS Reseller Module now provides support premium domain names along with with many customizable options based on requests made by our existing domain resellers. The module includes a whmcs homepage widget that provides a comprehensive overview of your reseller domains, such as the number of registered reseller domains, reseller domains pending renewal within the next 30 days, expired reseller domains and more.

The ZA Domains WHMCS Registrar Module includes the ability to apply coupon codes for applicable ZA Domains specials, set the registrant email address to a customized email address and support for ZACR’s additional admin, billing and tech contact types.

ZA Domains Registrar ModuleThe ZA Domains WHMCS Reseller Module is compatible with the latest version of WHMCS including previous versions of WHMCS. The WHMCS Domain Reseller Module provides integration support for domain registration, domain renewals and domain transfers for Co.Za Domains, Org.Za Domains, Web.Za Domains, Net.Za Domains, Joburg Domains, CapeTown Domains and Durban Domains.

The ZA Domains WHMCS Registrar / Reseller Module is the first published WHMCS Registrar Module available on the WHMCS Marketplace and the first South African Developed WHMCS Registrar Module to support Premium Domain Names

Install the ZA Domains WHMCS Reseller Module

  1. ZA Domains Registrar ModuleDownload the ZA Domains WHMCS Reseller Module from the WHMCS Market Place
  2. Unzip / Extract the WHMCS Reseller Module
  3. Connect to your website that hosts your WHMCS installation via FTP
  4. Upload the folder /registrars/zadomains to whmcs/modules/registrars/Zadomains
  5. Log in to your WHMCS admin area
  6. Navigate to Setup > Products and Services > Domain Registrars
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the Domain Registrars page until you find ZA Domains (v2.6) click on Configure
  8. Provide your primary ZA Domains Username and password into the relevant input fields
    • Change the N to Y only if you wish to use the clients company name as the registrant name.
    • Change the N to Y only if you wish to replace the registrant’s email address with a predefined email address.
    • Provide the email address to replace with the registrant email address if you used Y for the option above
    • If you have a registration / renewal coupon code for any of the specials that ZA Domains has active, then enter it into the RegistrationCouponCode field
  9. Click Save Changes

Install and enable the ZA Domains WHMCS Dashboard Widget

whmcs registrar module v2.6

  1. ZA Domains Registrar ModuleUsing the files you downloaded and extracted in the previous instructions, upload the /modules/widgets/ directory to your whmcs/modules/widgets/ via FTP
  2. Log in to your WHMCS Admin area
  3. Navigate to Setup > Staff Management > Administration Roles
  4. On the Administration Roles page, click the edit icon for the group that you wish to enable the ZA Domains Widget for (Full administrator, Sales Operator or Support Operator)
  5. On the Roles Page, scroll down to Widgets and select ZADomains (v2.1)
  6. Click Save Changes
  7. Repeat steps 4 – 6 for any additional groups that you wish to enable the ZA Domains Widget for.

Configure WHMCS v7 to use the ZA Domains WHMCS Module for Domain Management

ZA Domains whmcs registrar module co.za setup

Configure WHMCS v6 to use the ZA Domains WHMCS Module for Domain Management

WHMCS Domains/TLDS Settings

Configure WHMCS to use your ZA Domains Reseller Account for your Reseller Domain names

  1. ZA Domains Registrar ModuleLog in to your WHMCS Admin Area
  2. Navigate to Setup > Products / Services > Domain Pricing
  3. On the Domains/TLDS Page change the Registrar Module to  ZADomains within the Auto Registration Column for the following domain types :
    • .co.za
    • .org.za
    • .net.za
    • .web.za
    • .joburg and enable EPP Code
    • .capetown and enable EPP Code
    • .durban and enable EPP Code
  4. Click Save Changes

Configure WHMCS v7 Premium Domain Markup Percentage

ZA Domains configure whmcs premium domain markupOn the Domains/TLDS Page under the Premium Domains section

  1. Turn on Premium Domains
  2. Click Configure to set pricing markup per premium domain name

If a domain name is market is available at the time of performing a whois search and the Registry lists the domain as a Premium Domain name, the ZA Domains WHMCS Registrar module will fetch the cost of the domain name from the ZA Domains Service and apply a percentage based mark up defined by yourself.

On the Markup dialog, we have in this example set the markup to 10% of the cost price of the domain name depending on the variable amounts defined within WHMCS

Debugging WHMCS Module Issues

In the unlikely event that you install the ZA Domains WHMCS Reseller Module and your WHMCS Admin section blanks, please refer to the following knowledge base article which will guide you through enabling whmcs debug mode