How to attain ZACR Domain Registrar Accreditation

A ZACR Accredited Domain Registrar is any organization which has completed the technical accreditation set out by the ZA Central Registry (ZACR).

ZACR Domain Registrar Accreditation benefits include wholesale domain registration and renewal fees, direct access to ZACR Support, and the status associated with being an Accredited Registrar. Accredited Registrars are recognised and respected within the industry as being established organizations which provide domain management services.

We turn Domain Resellers into Domain Registrars

Becoming a Domain Registrar has never been easier!

ZA Domains has over the past two years assisted many organizations with completing their Technical Accreditation and helped turn these organizations into respected Domain Registrars.

We have simplified the process of passing the Technical Accreditation as set out by ZACR by automating the entire process. Automation of the Technical Accreditation allows us to complete any organization’s accreditation tests which greatly assists the ZACR Domain Registrar Accreditation process. In addition to assisting with the Technical Accreditation process we also provide Registry Liason Services. Thanks to our close working relationship with ZACR we are able to better assist and advise new and existing Registrars with all ZACR related queries.

In order to become a ZACR Accredited Registrar you will need to apply for a Registrar account during ZACR’s Application Window. ZACR publishes the Registrar Application periods on their website – and when available you will be able to start the ZACR Domain Registrar Accreditation application process.

The Registrar Application process is as follows

  • Register for a Registrar Account via the ZACR web site.
  • Accept and agree to the Registrar Agreement.
  • Pay ZACR the required amount for your Registrar Application.
  • Upon proof of payment receive your ZACR OT&E credentials. These credentials are used for completing your Technical Accreditation.
  • Complete the Technical Accreditation.
  • Upload your Certificate and source IP addresses to the Registry Portal.
  • Await legal accreditation. This process is handled by ZACR and it includes validation of the documents submitted to them at the time of accepting the Registrar Agreement.
  • Await confirmation of your approval as an Accredited Registrar along with your Live EPP Credentials.

After you have applied for a Registrar account and paid the set-up fees, ZACR expect you to pass a Technical Test to prove that you understand EPP, this is called Technical Accreditation. If you are fortunate to understand EPP then the process is simple and you should be able to complete your accreditation within a few hours, however, if you no have clue what this is all about then read on.

Fortunately, we provide Technical Accreditation assistance to our clients at a nominal fee, and you can order technical accreditation from our store.

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