ZADomains (PTY) LTD is a privately owned Company (hereafter referred to as ZA Domains)

In accordance with the Protection of Personal information Act, 2013 (POPI), this policy explains how ZA Domains will deal with your personal and business data.

The term “Third Parties” is used in this statement to include, but not be limited to, customers, operators, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, joint ventures, suppliers, and parties that provide products, goods, equipment, systems, and services, such as information technology.

As defined in Section 1 of Chapter 1 of POPIA, “personal information” means any information or set of information that identifies a person and is collected, processed, or retained by or on behalf of ZA Domains.

Customer personal information processing.

In accordance with POPIA, ZA Domains may process customer personal information on its systems, provided:
1. Consent is provided by customers.
2. It is necessary to carry out action for the conclusion or performance of a contract to which the customer is a party.
3. In compliance with a legal requirement imposed on ZA Domains.
4. To protect the legitimate interests of a customer.
5. If necessary to pursue the legitimate interests of ZA Domains
6. A Third Party to whom information is supplied.

Distribution of personal information to Third Parties.

ZA Domains may provide access to or transfer any personal information to Third Parties where it is necessary in the course of and for the purpose of giving effect to ZA Domains business activities with its customers, in accordance with that expressed above and in accordance with ZA Domains terms and conditions, or as otherwise required by law.

As part of its obligations under this policy, ZA Domains undertakes to take reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information of its customers provided to third parties is handled confidentially and according to applicable laws.

As required by law, ZA Domains shall not provide personal information to third parties in jurisdictions other than those involved in enforcing and complying with applicable laws, policies, or agreements regarding privacy, data security, and confidentiality of personal information.

Upon obtaining the necessary permissions, ZA Domains may disclose the personal information of customer accounts to third-party service providers whose products or services customers elect to use, or it is in terms of the conclusion and/or performance of a contract between ZA Domains and the customer, or there is any other justification for the disclosure and processing. ZA Domains will have agreements in place that will ensure that such third-parties will abide by confidentiality and privacy conditions.

ZA Domains intends to enter into agreements with relevant third parties to ensure a mutual understanding relating to the protection of personal information. These third parties will be required to comply with the same or substantially similar regulations that ZA Domains does.

Third-Party receipt of personal information.

The provision of hosting services to Third Parties by ZA Domains requires ZA Domains to collect Third Parties’ Personal Information from time to time. In accordance with its terms and conditions and in compliance with legislative requirements, ZA Domains will process the personal information it receives from customers on behalf of those subjects.

In keeping with the terms of POPIA, ZA Domains will adhere to its responsibilities when Processing or storing (as a hosting service provider) personal information of third parties.

Absolutely Hosting, as a Third Party, will comply with all the obligations outlined in POPI.

For more information, please see our terms and conditions on our website or contact our support desk for further details.