Domain Reseller VS Domain Registrar

Typically there are two types of domain name providers, a Domain Reseller and Domain Registrar.

Domain Reseller Overview

Domain Resellers are organizations or individuals who have less than 1000 domain names and have not yet invested into becoming an Accredited Registrar. Some of the common reasons behind this include exorbitant setup fees and strict requirements by the governing bodies, such as ICANN. Others simply do not have the time or resources to invest in developing enterprise EPP systems which are a requirement as part of any Registrar agreement.

Domains registered through a reseller will typically show the Registrar and Registrant info on a whois search. As a ZA Domains Reseller you are in control of what information is displayed on the Uniforum SA Whois page. This information is referred to as a contact, or registrant. Any domains registered under a reseller account will always show ourselves as the Registrar and whom ever you elect as the registrant.

Domain Resellers pay ZA Domains for their domain registration and renewals.

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Accredited Registrar Overview

Registrars are those organizations who have completed the Technical Accreditation and met the basic conditions set out by the particular governing body, ie ZA Central Registry. Domains which are registered by a Registrar will show the Registrar’s contact information on the whois, including the contact / registrant that they assign to the domain during the registration or transfer process.

Registrars pay ZA Central Registry for their domain registrations and renewals.

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Registrar vs Reseller, Registrars typically pay less per domain registration how ever they are subjected to monthly service fees which contribute towards the ongoing development required in order to keep their accounts connected to the relevant EPP system. Resellers pay marginally more for their domain registrations and renewals how ever they are not subjected to monthly fees.