Announcing our new SSL Reseller Module

za domains whmcs reseller module

We’re excited to announce our new SSL Reseller Module which provides you with the tools to automate the selling of SSL certificates via your own WHMCS installation.

Our new SSL Reseller Module will assist you in successfully growing your existing SSL Reseller Business and take advantage of our lowest cost SSL Certificates.

Get 40% Discount on all GoGetSSL Certificates


We are offering 40% discount on all GoGetSSL Certificates purchased between 10th February 2021 – 12 March 2021!

Resellers who download and install the WHMCS SSL Reseller Module will pay the discounted price for all orders placed via the WHMCS SSL Reseller Module, and for resellers who do not use the WHMCS Module or don’t have access to WHMCS they can still enjoy the same discount by ordering their GoGetSSL Certificates from our store and using the coupon code CBMHPC9E5S at checkout!

Register or Sign Up for the New Reseller Program

Activate your reseller account on ZA.Domains and get access to our two WHMCS modules by ordering a Free ZA Domains WHMCS Reseller Access account at 

Once activated, you’ll receive your instructions via email on how to access your Reseller API credentials and get immediate access to our WHMCS Reseller Modules along with setup instructions.