WHMCS Domain Reseller Module Updates

By February 8, 2021Home, New Features

It’s been far too long since we posted on the blog… don’t ya think?

Since the last update the world has come to grind with face masks now mandatory and bottle stores being forced to close every odd week.

Despite the lack of updates posted to the blog we have been busy – extremely busy and finally have something to show for it.

We’ve released a new version of the ZA Domains Multi Registrar / Reseller WHMCS Plugin. The new version, version 3.2 is available for immediate download from the ZAdomains.net control panel and has been pushed to the whmcs market place.

If you’re running a previous version of the module and have the widget activated then you would have / should have noticed the bright red warning about a new version.

The new version introduces the ability to put your module into dev mode and run tests against our service without incurring any costs associated with live transactions.

Boring! What happened to the world where resellers would fire away at will, knowing that they were burning a hole through their credit.?

Another neat feature is the ability to suspend dns for your clients domains. Be careful though, it drops propagation quickly – so only test it on the clients who don’t pay you ๐Ÿ™‚

Yet another update, is that the module is open source – no more beating around the bush with different versions of the module which are encrypted using multiple versions of ioncube for those resellers who refuse to upgrade from php 5xxxx.

Second to last is the ability to cancel incoming transfers. Super handy when you initiate a transfer request and the registrant doesn’t receive the transfer approval because ZACR have still not removed their mail servers from those RBLS and the transfer email goes to junk mail folders or isnt delivered (truth) – yes Calwin, get your mail servers removed from those RBL’s

Last update for the module includes support for WHMCS 8.1 and TLD & Pricing Sync. This makes life a ton easier

In closing, download the module and have fun. With all those pennies left over from not having to register domains whilst testing you may just be able to start up a Gofundme and pay for ZACR’s RBL removal ๐Ÿ˜€