ZA Domains give-aways and freebies

By September 30, 2013Home

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a number of clients recommend us on various social platforms and we cannot thank you enough.

Its overwhelming to see the responses via these various platforms including the kind and heart felt words sent in to our ticket system on a daily basis.

It’s this feedback which confirms that we are providing a service to the industry which is well needed, cost effective and simple to use – all of which were the reason behind starting ZA Domains!

When it comes to providing a service, or running a business there are no greater advertisements than word of mouth. We can all strive to be the best within our industry and may spend hundreds of thousands of rands proving that we are what we make ourselves out to be, but at the end of the day the proof is when some one who you have not yet met sticks their neck out and vouches for you.

This got us thinking and after a short few moments of thinking an e-mail was dispatched to our crew to find prizes which are cool / juice / awesome. Prizes which would make relaxing a little more fun, or perhaps make your kids drool and offer to wash your car for the next few months if you happened to win one of them.

Over the next few months we will be trawling the interwebs (as we usually do) and if we stumble across your recommendation, post, or review of our services on any social platform then you may receive a private message out of the blue, informing you that you have won a little prize.

If you are a frequenter on a particular forum and haven’t seen our representatives then please hit us back with an anonymous tip off.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter then be sure to share, like or mention us within your review, comment or recommendation.

Enough talking, and time to show you the juice – aka Freebies

Up for grabs are the following

2011 Skullcrusher – Black Pinstripe Headphones

Featuring a West Coast Sub Woofer Bass, Natural Vocals and Precision Highs, the Crusher brings big, Attacking Bass at a low price—and no cost to your music’s sound.








Corsair Raptor H5 5.1 USB/Analog Gaming Headset

Raptor H5 is a circumaural gaming headset that works with both analog and USB connections. The built-in USB sound card provides 5.1 channel surround sound for gaming realism. The around-the-ears, closed-back design helps keep the environmental noise out, and keep your head in the game, and the noise-cancelling microphone helps ensure that your teammates hear you clearly.








2 X Razer ONZA Tournament Edition Professional Gaming Controller

The Onza TE Mass Effect 3 Edition provides enhanced combat effectiveness through adjustable resistance on both analog sticks, and the addition of two fully-programmable Multi-Function Buttons. Quick-fire biotics from the extra shoulder buttons to disable enemies, then use analog sticks calibrated to your preferred tension to accurately finish them off with headshots. An improved D-pad, Hyperesponse buttons, and a 15-foot lightweight braided cable round off this perfect weapon for Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360.








Logitech G510s LCD Gaming Keyboard

There’s no such thing as too much control.
G510s includes 18 programmable G-keys that make complex actions simple by allowing you to configure up to 54 unique functions. Extend your cockpit to include less critical mission intel with the GamePanel LCD. Custom backlit keys allows you to assign a unique color to each profile, profile mode and mode style in the same game.