CO.ZA EPP Technical Accreditation Offer

By October 8, 2013Home

With the introduction of e-tolling and the negative effect that it is going to have on our economy we at ZA Domains have decided to give back by offering ZACR Technical Accreditation.

For a limited time only, we are offering Free CO.ZA EPP Technical Accreditation for all Registrars who sign up with ZA Domains.

To take advantage of this offer, Sign up for a Registrar account on ZA Domains, send us an e-mail requesting the Free CO.ZA EPP Technical Accreditation offer and mention that you saw the offer on our blog.

Technical information about the CO.ZA EPP Technical Accreditation Service.

ZA Domains has to date assisted many Pending Registrars in completing the technical accreditation tests sequired by ZACR.
The ZA Domains ZACR Accreditation service is automated and allows us to complete your ZACR Technical Accreditation within two hours, and the entire process is completely automated.