CO.ZA Registrar EPP Service Migration

By March 24, 2015Uniforum EPP How To

We recently reviewed our CO.ZA Registrar EPP Service Pricing and are confident that we currently offer the most affordable Hosted EPP Services Available.

It takes only a few minutes to migrate your ZACR Registrar Account from another Domain Management platform to the ZA Domains CO.ZA EPP Domain Management Control Platform.

The ZA Domains EPP Domain Management Control Panel allows you to efficiently manage your CO.ZA Domain names via ZACR (Uniforum’s) EPP System from within a user friendly, well designed web based control panel. For those Registrars who use WHMCS to manage their web hosting and domain names, ZA Domains has a Free CO.ZA EPP Registrar WHMCS Module available.
The module can be downloaded from the official WHMCS CO.ZA Registrar Module’s page

Technically speaking there are only a few steps required to transfer your Registrar Account to ZA Domains, below we provide a list of prerequisites.

  1. Register an account with ZA Domains
  2. Mail ZA Domains Support and advise that you are migrating your ZACR RAR account from another provider to ZA Domains.
  3. ZA Domains will generate the necessary certificates required by the Registry and upload these to your Registrar Portal.
  4. Log a ticket with ZACR requesting that they temporarily add the additional certificate to your profile, once confirmed notify ZA Domains
  5. ZA Domains run an automated script to import all of your CO.ZA Domain names, Domain Contacts and Name servers (this process takes around 2 minutes to complete)
  6. Terminate your account with your previous provider.

Transferring your ZACR Registrar account to ZA Domains does not jeopardize nor risk your status as an Accredited Rar, and neither will you loose your accreditation status.

ZA Domains takes pride in providing affordable EPP Solutions for existing and Pending Registrars, and a great level of emphasis is placed on providing excellent support. We exceed others by working closely with our clients and providing them with solutions which make domain management simpler.