Does your domain name belong to You or your Registrar?

By February 13, 2016Home
ZA Domains logo domain name whoisSo you have registered a domain with your ISP but does your domain name belong to You or your Registrar?

It is common practice by many of South African Accredited Registrars to register their clients’ domain names using their own contact details and not the legal owner / registrant of the domain.

When a Registrar uses their contact details at the time of registering your domain they are effectively holding you ransom to their terms and conditions. Often these terms and conditions state that you cannot transfer your domain to another Registrar or ISP of choice. Other conditions may include a 30 or 60 day notice period in order for you to transfer your domain to your new Registrar or ISP of choice.

ZA Central Registry (ZACR) are the administrators of the name space and ultimately responsible for ensuring that Registrars comply with the Registrar Agreement. The Registrar Agreement stipulates that Registrars are to register domain names using the Registrant’s details :

5.3 Domain Name Registration Process

5.3.1 When registering a new domain name the registrar will supply the following data to the registry system: Domain Name Registrant (full legal name) Registrant Email Registrant Telephone Registrant Physical Address (domicile) Registrar Identifier Zone Records

ZA Domains provides a free whois service that allows you to query the status and information linked to your domain names. Use the CO ZA Whois Service to check if your Registrar has listed you as the Registrant. If the Registrar has not listed you as the Registrant then contact your Registrar or ISP and request that they perform a contact update and list You as the Registrant / Domain owner.

ZA Domains provides a domain management control panel that allows you to take control of your domain names. Register for a free ZA Domains account and register your domain names and have peace of mind that your domain names are legally yours.