How to transfer a Uniforum legacy .CO.ZA Domain to EPP

By September 27, 2013Uniforum EPP How To

Transferring of domains from Uniforum’s legacy to epp is simple, and can be achieved in a few steps.

To innitiate a Uniforum legacy transfer log in to your ZA Domains Reseller or Registrar Account

Once logged in, select Transfers > Transfer a Domain

Transfer a domain

ZA Domains Transfer

On the Transfers page, provide the domains you wish to transfer, select the contact to be associated with the domain name and the name servers which have been configured for your transferred domain and then click Add to Cart

Tip The transfer page allows you to transfer your domains in bulk by pasting each domain on to a new line

Transferring a domain

Specify domain names

Review your cart, and click Continue to Check-out

Cart Checkout

Cart Check-out

Voila, complete


Technical Explanation of what happens in the background

We send through an EPP domain transfer request to the EPP system. The EPP system identifies the domain as a legacy CO.ZA Domain and initiates a transfer request of the domain to the legacy system.

The legacy system now sends a transfer request via its ticketman email system requesting that the transfer of your domains get accepted, how ever, you may notice that the transfer request contains the same billing, technical and other contact information as what is currently listed on COZA WHOIS Page.

Don’t panic, as this is by design and it is because of the method in which ZACR have linked Legacy COZA Transfers to EPP.

As soon as the domain is transferred to the EPP platform, we perform our magic and apply the contact details which you provided within the previous steps.