Let us handle your ZACR (Uniforum) Registrar Technical Accreditation

Let us handle your ZACR (Uniforum) Registrar Technical Accreditation

ZA Central Registry (ZACR) has announced the next Accreditation Window for ISP’s wanting to become an Accredited Registrar.

At ZA Domains we provide an automated Technical Accreditation Service which will allow you pass your Technical Accreditation without any prior knowledge of EPP commands or without having to develop your own software to integrate into ZACR’s EPP system.

Let us handle your ZACR (Uniforum) Registrar Technical Accreditation at no cost.

Sign up for a ZA Domains Registrar account and take advantage of our free ZACR Accreditation offer. This offer includes liaison with ZA Central Registry regarding your application as an Accredited Registrar from start to finish including Free SSL Certificate Generation and IP Binding with ZACR’s EPP Registry Services.

Accredited Registrars who use the ZA Domains Domain Management control panel to manage their co.za domain names, web.za domain names, org.za domain names and net.za domain names benefit from the lowest industry price for EPP domain management, bundled with an intuitive and user friendly control panel – see our pricing page for more information.

Our Registrar Services allow you to integrate your existing WHMCS installation with your ZACR EPP Registrar account and manage your domain management from within WHMCS. In addition to the Free WHMCS we provide API Access to allow third party integration from your web site into the ZA Domains Management Service.