Transferring a domain from Uniforum Legacy to COZA EPP

By September 28, 2013Home, New Features

The most common query received from clients who are transferring CO.ZA Domains from Uniforum’s legacy system to EPP is how long does it take to transfer, or why hasn’t the domain transferred after I have accepted the transfer ticket from ticketman.

The answer to both these questions is below, and we hope that it helps others who may stumble upon this.

While the ZACR EPP Systems boast instant domain updates and transfers, these unfortunately don’t apply to CO.ZA domains which reside within Uniforum’s legacy system. (This is correct at the time of publishing and may or may not change in the future)

The current transfer and update policies which apply to domains that reside within the Legacy system still apply when attempting to transfer a domain over to EPP.

I.E If you initiate a transfer request for a legacy domain to epp at 14H00 today, and the ticket is accepted today, then the transfer will only take place tomorrow at 14h00