CO.ZA EPP Domain Management

By September 27, 2013Home

CO.ZA EPP Domain Management – Used by Registrars who rely on effective protocols for domain name transactions for instant results when registering or renewing CO.ZA domains.

Uniforum’s legacy domain management system is being replaced by the CO.ZA EPP domain management system, which provides so much more advantages over its predecessor.

Some of these advantages include instant CO.ZA domain updates which make CO.ZA EPP domain management a whole lot easier.

A powerful Web Based control panel which facilitates the management of your COZA Domain registrations, renewals, name servers and Registrants.

In addition to the above, the ZA Domains EPP Domain Management system provides lowest cost domain registration and renewal.

For more information about  managing your CO.ZA Domain Names within an Enterprise White Label Control panel, head on over to